Mons Graupius

Mixed media; pewter sculpture and acrylic on board. Overall frame size 24 x 58cm. £720

Most people have heard of the Picts but we know little about them. They left no written language and the only records are their carved stones. The Picts were warriors, led by powerful kings and lords.

Carved Pictish stones are found all over the north east of Scotland. The earliest date from around 600AD and have simple carvings of animals and battle scenes. Later, the stones show Christian symbolism, probably because the Picts were converted to Christianity when Saints arrived from Ireland.

The purpose of the stones is unknown. Some scholars suggest the carvings were to mark territory while others say that the stones celebrate victorious battles. One very famous battle fought between the Picts and Romans was the Battle of Mons Graupius in the north east of Scotland. The Romans were defeated by 30,000 Picts and was possibly the reason why they never conquered Scotland.

Regardless of the reasons for these stones, they are remarkable. I wanted to capture something about the history of the Picts, which is why I created my piece.

The mould that I used to create the pewter sculptures has been destroyed. The pewter is lead-free and conforms to the relevant European Standard.

This is a one-off original painting. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This piece is framed in a floating frame. The frame is 30mm deep and 20mm wide.