Breaking Through

Mixed media; pewter sculpture and acrylic on board. Sold unframed. Size 50 x 40cm. £550

The clenched fist is a powerful symbol. It is used to express excitement, exhilaration, achievement, success.

The clenched fist in my painting has been set in a chaotic environment. Is the hand punching through the board, splattering everything in its wake? Or, do the colours represent a deeper symbolic meaning? How about the texture, and the heavy brush strokes? Hopefully, there is a lot to look at and to contemplate.

The mould that I used to create the pewter sculpture has been destroyed. The pewter is lead-free and conforms to the relevant European Standard.

This is a one-off original painting. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This piece is sold unframed. The board is 5mm artists board.